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Metro Pilar No. 238, Ground Floor, 2nd Cross Road, Kanakapura Rd, 4th H block, 6th phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

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+91 9731588244

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The Money Making SAHM of today is Brooke Creech. She started realizing that were making her a flow of income so she chose to work at it. She has begun a YouTube station and loves what she’s doing. I started seeing that they’d videos in their posts while I read blogs. Since I found I actually enjoyed them what began as a platform for hosting these videos evolved into making videos just.



I abandoned my channel filled with these telephone videos and didn’t understand how much they contributed to my payments. A simple video I’d done on our new Do it yourself desk had gotten over 8, 000 views since I’d forgotten about it. nnnOne thing I did a year made me money without any effort. Q.How did you go about organizing a workshop or beginning your company? A.Once I began making videos, I was using a three-year-old, very bad camera phone. They were fuzzy they have been made with excitement and love. Make videos about things you love when you don’t think anyone wants to observe it. There’s someone out there who does. Youtube isn’t a get rich quick career, however, it might lead to stable income. You do not need a camera that is nice to begin. nnnGet started! – hours do you work or much of your time does this location require? Is it flexible? Is it consistent? A.Around 3 hours of that are spent filming and editing Youtube videos. We also sit on the deck on Sundays whilst the children Play in the yard, so I use a few of the time weekly to write down my video ideas and a few kind of scripting in a notebook. That’s what led me to try working at home, to begin with. They’re even standing off frame pretty frequently in my videos. nnnQ.Are there certain tips\/advice you’d want to share with others who want to start working with you? A.Write down every excuse you’ve for not doing it. Include things such as I do not have a very good camera. To your first few videos, you will hate them. That’s just how it’s. You will get much more comfortable as it goes along, and you will be glad you tried it.



Q.Was training\/schooling required for the position? How\/when did you complete it? A.My background is in finance and marketing and I attended college for business. That can help me a little bit while interacting with patrons, but I think that the most readily useful training had been simply watching how others did it. The Youtube Creator Academy has per good series going on now to assist you to know exactly what exactly to do your videos once they are up. Both are quite simple to work with. nnnQ.what’s the income percentage you bring in? or two How much do you make from that job? or Does the income helps a little, medium or two is the main source of your family’s income? A.We’re an upper-middle-class family and I carry it behind ten percent of our income.

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